For 4 days people from all over the world came together to ignite their warrior spirit. 26 Participants gathered from France, Phillipines, Germany, Russia and Italy and Portugal. Professional climber Tiago and his team provided a challenging and interesting experience as well as an obstacle course representing various countries. Starting with a rafting trip we felt purified through sunlight and water, helping us to synchronize and to be ready for the next days challenges. The obstacle course baptized as the “warrior race” was a highlight when over 20 people raced with a stone of appr.7 kg through a tunnel, a climbing element, a mud basin, a spider web up a mountain and down to the river where they had to cross through a zip line and do archery and as the last item put a thread through a needle. The second half was an Indiana Jones adventure to find hidden Cakras with a map and clues. All came back safely and at night dumping the towers of ego on the hilltop beforee doing the midnight meditation. The last day was a high-ropes experience to overcome the fear of heights and concluded with a mission statement and mantra meditation. Thanks to the volunteer team who had to feverishly arrange everything last minute everything went smoothly including the food arranged by our Mini Chef from Braga. A great experience with packed activities organized by Dada D. and M.