Have you ever felt the exhilaration of being in tune with yourself and your environment during sports or in the outdoors ? Do you enjoy sports no matter if your team wins or looses ? Do you work on yourself to attain inner harmony and oneness ? If the answer is yes, you have reached the right place.

This site strives to be a space to offer activities, programs, forums for discussions and more to pursue these aims in a practical way. It takes its inspiration from the research done by Michael Murphy on being in the “zone” on sportspeople and others and Tim Gallwey who coined the term with his book “Inner game of tennis”.

Further we want to encourage “life education” to kids, youths and adults through experiential learning in outdoor programs, camps and active vacations with the aim to create self-confidence, discovering values and expanding our unlimited human potential. Martial artists have developped these by unifying body, mind and spirit to the maximum through years of discipline and hard work. Zen-masters and yogis have harmonized their minds through exercise, breathing and meditation, like for example the yogi Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii, whom we all consider spiritualists.

1.Mission of SSAC

Sports and adventures reflect the aspirations of a particular age. At the dawning of a new era, the Spiritualist’s Sports and adventures Club (SSAC) has been formed to integrate sports and adventure with the higher aspirations of our time and to harmonize body, mind and spirit in a new way.

With this in mind, the first SSAC club was founded in India in 1978 to realize the following aims:

1. To inspire and provide opportunities for all people to participate in sport and adventure, regardless of nationality, age, race, economic or other considerations;

2. To encourage physical, mental and spiritual health and development, through exercise, sports and vegetarian diet;

3. To integrate the principles and practices of Tantra Yoga with sports and adventures, for the harmony of body, mind and spirit;

4. To oppose corruption, exploitation and elitism in the field of sport and setting a new standard of values by our own conduct

5. To serve the less fortunate members of society

Since the formation of the first club, SSAC has grown into an international organization with it’s headquarters in Brazil and branches in over 100 countries.

2. Special features of SSAC:

SSAC has many qualities common to all good sporting clubs, such as the pursuit of athletic excellence, health and fitness, fairness in competitions, care for the youth etc. But as its name implies, SSAC has some special features wich make it unique and particularly relevant for our time. The following are some of them:

“Great are those who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

3. Yoga Sport training

The word “Spiritualists” in SSAC reflects the unique, positive nature of SSAC members and activities: the goal is always a harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit. Every member of SSAC is encouraged to get, and offered free of charge, practical training in Tantra Yoga and the principles of spiritual life, by experienced teachers. Furthermore, SSAC is pioneering the training system we call “Yoga Sport Training” – a combination of Yoga practices and athletic disciplines which brings about a dramatic increase in agility, endurance, concentration, confidence, coordination and all-round performance. Through Yoga Sport Training we aim to develop a new generation of athletes who integrate powerful mental and intuitional techniques with the already well-developed physical exercises of the various sport disciplines.

“One good head is better than a hundred strong hands.” –

Thomas Fuller M.D.

4. Self-development

Well-balanced self-development requires a positive environment. Young people in search of action and adventure often find them in situations which offer nothing positive for their moral or spiritual development – often quite the opposite. In SSAC, the combination of an active life, the ideals and practical disciplines of Yoga and social service provide a positive environment where strength of character and self-awareness can develop.

5. Lifestyle

These days a growing number of people are adopting positive living habits like regular exercise, vegetarianism, meditiation and abstaining from tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Due to their refined lifestyle, these people don’t feel comfortable in clubs where smoking, drinking and the material passions of life are the norm. In SSAC however, those who are intent on healthy aware living can feel at home. SSAC is a vegetarian sports club, and meat, tobacco and intoxicants are not permitted in club activities. But those who do use intoxicants or a non-vegetarian diet need not feel unwelcome. One of the specialities of SSAC is that it provides a congenial environment for all those who want to bring about a healthy change in their lifestyle.

Many athletes and adventurers speak of heightened states of awareness experienced in sport or in nature. Indeed the exhilaration and joy is the secret of their attraction and love for the sport. In traditional sport clubs, this subject of spiritual awareness is never spoken of and may even be discouraged as having nothing to do with the sport. If you are attracted by this fascinating, subtle aspect of sports and adventure, then SSAC is for you. SSAC ir rooted in the tradition of Yoga, which helps one to unfold, understand and enjoy subtle spiritual feelings.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. –

Ralph Waldo Emerson

6. Adventure

Many clubs and associations are so specialized, elite or expensive that they are virtually inaccessible to the common person. Generally, if you want to sail you have to join a yachting club; if you want to play golf, a country club; and to play tennis, a tennis club. In SSAC we do it all. One aim of SSAC is to capture the vital element of adventure and make it available to members in every form possible. A skier needs a slope and a sailor needs a boat, but if it’s adventure one is after, it can be found anywhere. SSAC strives to make every kind of adventure activity available to members. Yoga, the inward journey of self-discovery is the greatest adventure of all, taking us where we have never been before.

Athletes of all walks of life are now more and more realizing that to be successfull, besides enthusiasm one must have internal balance, a well-rounded personality and focus. We have tried to gather some of the ideas of well-known athletes and authors. We invite you also to write to us about your experiences on body-mind connection or spiritual aspects of sports in our blog.

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