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Sports-coaches and success in sports (and in life) what lessons can we learn ?


Football worldcup and lessons we can learn...

Is it all about winning ? Is it all about performance of an individual athlete ? The answer lies in synchronicity and team-work...

Welcome to the world of "innersports" or Spiritualist's Sports and Adventurer's Club(s). See our channel for video

If the spiritual aspects of Sports matter more to you; If you seek that special feeling of body-mind synchronization or enjoy playing games just for the fun of it ; if you knowingly or unknowingly feel drawn to the natural beauty of the outdoors, we have something in common.

The one who searches for that special connection of body, mind and soul, who is concerned about mindfullness and the "inner game" that goes on within ourselves and is beyond just winning, is in our view a "spiritualist."

The history of Sports has evolved from a fight for survival to the art of expansion of consciousness and discovery of an unlimited potential within ourselves.

In our fragmented society we have lost touch with our deepest need to grow emotionally and spiritually. The traditional "rites of passage" from youth to adulthood of the ancient days has to be restored in a new way. We all have to become "Spiritual Warriors".

Our existence is not just in our brain, it is a subtle interaction between physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves as known since thousands of years by yogis, Zen-masters and martial artists.

Thoughts of some coaches:

Many programs have been designed to advise, help and influence players, performers and others and formulas on what to do have been made for what to eat and what to think and yet none of that has been usefull for everybody the same way. It seems everyone needs a special and tailor-made approach, when actually nobody can pin-point a single formula of success. Garry Kramer says :

"It happens to me; it happens to you: Bound-up feelings, at times, crop up. And because it looks like these feelings are caused by the world around us, applying a coping strategy to fend off the world might look like the answer. Yet strategies require memorization and calculated action. They won't free your mind—they'll only add more clutter. Knowing how the mind works, however, clarifies the source of your feelings and points you inside. It allows your psychological immune system (stale-thinking-out/fresh- thinking-in) to heal any momentary glitch. The choice is yours: You can understand the system and then calmly find answers. Or panic and apply shots in the dark. " More in the preview about his new book :

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