The effort to reach to one's inner nucleus and find a balance in this world is essentially spiritual. The innermost core of ourselves and the universe are intrinsically one and the same. To be a spiritualist means manifesting and radiating that harmony of body mind and spirit and constantly improving on it.


A warrior is a person that is not adverse to struggle and has learnt that effort, the application of vigor and fight are enjoyable and a part of our nature as human beings. To be a true spiritualist one must fight all kinds of distractions, personal weaknesses, fear and lethargy. Hence, inner peace is a result of sometimes intense struggle." The main characteristic of Tantra* is that it represents human vigor..." Living life with intensity and purpose is leading the life of a "warrior". To be a "warrior" does not necessarily implicate waging a "war". It is also an honorary title of many tribal societies for a human being endowed with courage and compassion.


 A spiritual warrior is someone who pursues spirituality with a certain amount of vigor and determination. We are neither a spiritualist nor a warrior without taking the attitude that we are "in training" at any level. The "in-training" humbleness is an essential trait of a true aspirant as well as the master and teacher. Destroying life and property in the name of religion is the utmost height of foolishness history has witnessed and has nothing to do with spirituality nor warriorship.


*The attempt to liberate oneself from crudeness is also termed Tantra (Tan=crudeness, Tra=liberation) which is a universal concept practiced in all ages and has also been termed Daota or simply Dao. Some of its timeless principles and ideas are used in this program to help us expand our limited beliefs and sentiments.

"Jump into your environment without the least hesitation. Don't be afraid. Fear will leave you step by step... "

P.R. Sarkar


Training program:

This weekend event is designed to be an intense experience. You will face your personal weaknesses, but you will also discover your hidden strengths. In order to see the light one must go through darkness.

There will be moments of fast action, reflection, introspection and discussion as well as cultural expression. The exact details of the program will not be revealed until just before, so that no one will be more prepared than others.


What do I need to prepare ?


You must be in reasonable physical condition in order to participate in this event. Everyone will be called to get seriously challenged on all levels ; physically, mental/emotionally and spiritually.


A second set of clothes and shoes along with toilet and sleeping gear is recommended. You will be asked to bring something special as a gift. The organizers will let you know more details.


In order to enroll for this event, you have to register at least two weeks prior to the event and send in your completed form with a deposit of $50 or the full amount of $150. 50% Discounts for students. Register through mark@innersports.org or contact:


SSAC, P.O. Box 3 Brooklyn PA 18813

Tel. 570-289-4021 or check for updates:




“See that there is no one to fight, just an illusion to see through”

Bruce Lee