…The world of “innersports” or Spiritualist’s Sports and Adventurer’s Club(s)

Have you ever felt the exhilaration of being in tune with yourself and your environment during sports or in the outdoors ? Do you enjoy sports no matter if your team wins or looses ? Do you work on yourself to attain inner harmony and oneness ? If the answer is yes, you have reached the right place.

This site strives to be a space to offer activities, programs, forums for discussions and more to pursue these aims in a practical way. It takes its inspiration from the research done by Michael Murphy on being in the “zone” on sportspeople and others and Tim Gallwey who coined the term with his book  “Inner game of tennis”.

Further we want to encourage “life education” to kids, youths and adults through experiential learning in outdoor programs, camps and active vacations with the aim to create self-confidence, discovering values and expanding our unlimited human potential. Martial artists have developped these by unifying body, mind and spirit to the maximum through years of discipline and hard work.  Zen-masters and yogis have harmonized their minds through exercise, breathing and meditation, like for example the yogi Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii, whom we all consider spiritualists.

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